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Üben - Notes, Rests & Scales

by admaDIC / Rainer & Annett Schwarze

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Assessment Mode

The app supports Automatic Assessment Configuration (AAC). While students work on tasks during assessment, they are restricted to the app until the assessment ends. When the assessment ends, an assessment report can be shared to grade the answers. The assessment mode currently supports tasks from the "Scales" group.

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To start the assessment mode, tap on the button with the graduation cap. A confirmation will be shown. When tapping "Yes", the user is locked into the app until the assessment ends to ensure, that no additional information is available when answering the questions.

When the assessment ends, the student's answers can be sent using the system's share feature. For instance all students could send the answers via Air Drop to the teacher's device, so they are easily available in one place. The student's name and a group can be entered, so the answer sheets can be easily identified.

To end an assessment, tap the "End" button. A confirmation will be shown, which allows to continue the assessment, in case the "End" button was tapped accidentally or to actually end the assessment. Select the "End & Share Answers" option to send the answers to another device.

To ensure, that no personal data remains on the student's device, the answers of the assessment are removed from the device, after the assessment has ended.


Now available for use in the app "Schoolwork".


The app can be used to practice notes, rests and scales. The app generates a random note or rest. Enter the name of the note or rest and the app shows, whether it was correct or not. If it was not, the correct name is shown.

When practicing scales, a random scale is selected and all notes for that scale must be entered. The app then shows, which notes were correct and which were not and a new random scale is selected.

Notes can be named in SPN (Scientific Pitch Notation - middle C is C4) or Helmholtz notation (middle C is c'). Select treble clef or bass clef for practicing - the clef is shown together with the note. The range of notes is F3 to E6 (F to e''') for treble clef and A1 to G4 (A,, to g') for bass clef.

Feature summary:

  • Practice notes, rests or scales
  • Select treble clef or bass clef
  • Select pitch notation SPN or Helmholtz
  • Select text or piano keyboard
  • Integration into Apple Schoolwork

Privacy information:

The app does not record data.


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